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I’m so excited to be heading to Napa Valley during the week of my birthday this year. I’m always eager to get out of town for the week. It’s nice to get away, make new memories and do something fun. This year, I’m thrilled to be heading to Napa with Quotient for their National Sales Meeting. Sure, a National Sales Meeting may not sound SUPER fun to you, but for me, this is one incredible opportunity. With almost 8 years of blogging under my belt, getting to participate in projects like this truly validates what I’ve been doing all these years.

I’ll be heading to wine country with a fellow blogger friend of mine: Josh, of The Kentucky Gent. We’ll be working together at this event, showcasing what it is bloggers and content creators do. We’ll be attending panels to discuss the industry, giving live demos of recipes, and sharing a behind-the-scenes look at blogging. It’s basically my dream trip!

Now that I have an idea of what the weather is going to be like and what our itinerary is, I thought I’d share my 3 favorite packing tips plus a few things I plan to wear.



My Top 3 Tips for Packing


Packing Cubes – These have been a life saver for me. I’ve been forced to do carry-ons for my last two overseas trips. Both trips were quite long, over a week, and required lots of different looks. These packing cubes help me to not only pack way more stuff into my suitcase but also keep things more organized. I like to categorize my cubes, making unpacking and finding what you need easier. I’ll do one with pajamas and travel outfits; one with all my basics like tops, tees and jeans; and then one with more dressier items that help to create outfits. This way, I can grab what I need and not tear apart my suitcase.



Plan Your Outfits – I can’t stress this enough: planning your outfits truly makes a huge difference. Personally, I like to try the outfits on before they even go into the suitcase. This really helps me visualize what things will look like, what can go with what, and how to maximize my space. Make a list of what outfits you need, and then work your way down. Try to mix and match pieces to extend the items.



Minimal Toiletries – I learned my lesson while traveling overseas to Europe that you really don’t need EVERYTHING. I like to go through my morning and nighttime routine a few days prior to my trip and set aside the items I HAVE to have. That’s what comes with me. I also stocked up on these super inexpensive plastic round pillboxes. If you’re going on a short trip, you can easily swap out your full-size moisturizer, foundation and so on, and just put a few pumps that you’ll need in the small pill case. They don’t spill and take up minimal space. So many of my everyday beauty and skincare products are still under the 3 oz mark for TSA, but there’s no need for that big bottle! You can get 5 of these into your bag for the same size as your regular 3 oz moisturizer, allowing for a lot more space! Also, leave the blow dryer at home. It’s never necessary. 99% of hotels have them, and they work just fine. Leave this out to allow more space for taking home goodies (like a bottle of wine from Napa!) or more outfits!


What I Plan to Pack for the NSM Itinerary


When planning my outfits for this trip, I wanted to make sure I not only looked great in front of the entire sales team but also am comfortable. I’m someone who loves denim and can easily dress it up or down with the right pieces. But for this trip, I want to also have some more professional items to mix in for dressier events. I’m making sure I’m packing a good mix of items that can easily make several great outfits. I’ll be packing the following: one suit, leather jacket, jeans, a few tops, and a dress or two. I like options, so I always add in at least one extra full look to my suitcase that can also be mixed around.

One of the itinerary items for this trip is speaking on a panel. For panels or any sort of speaking engagement, I like to be a little more professional than I usually am. I packed a great suit that’s a little more modern, trendy and not so 9-5. Adding a great jewel tone sweater also dresses it down. It would feel too stuffy if I was wearing a button

down. Bringing one full suit is great to have on any trip because you can also pull the pieces apart and make several outfits out of them. It’s a great way to maximize space.



We also plan on doing some wine tasting of course! It is Napa, after all. For a more casual but put-together look for wine tasting, I’m opting for jeans with great booties and a beautiful sweater. I can add a scarf or my leather jacket over it for added warmth. I can never go on a trip without a pair of jeans. I typically travel in something more comfortable

like my favorite leggings and always top it with a jacket I plan to wear throughout the trip, like a leather jacket or denim one. But even if I’m heading on a beach vacation, jeans ALWAYS come with me.



And lastly, dinners with the team. I’m a jeans kind of gal, so I definitely want to be true to my personal style whenever I can. I’m bringing great dark wash jeans to pair with my suit jacket. See how I’m getting a few things out of it? Maximizing space! This suit is great to pull apart into different outfits. Having a great blazer to throw on allows me to look professional but still feel more comfortable in jeans. And if I’m in a pinch, the work pants will work with a tee and leather jacket.

I can’t wait to experience Napa with Quotient. It’s definitely going to be a trip to remember!


About NSM

Each year, Quotient holds their National Sales Meeting (NSM). The meeting spans 3 days and varies in location from year to year. It is a chance for Quotient’s sales and collaborative teams to get together for a few days and kick off the new year of opportunities.

The event is equally celebratory as it is educational. Throughout the course of the week, company leaders will speak about exciting company priorities and seek to motivate the team for the upcoming year. There are also a number of fun, yet educational opportunities like team breakout sessions and evening activities where the attendees celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments and recognize outstanding individuals.

This year is extra special, as two members of Ahalogy’s influencer network will be joining the team in Napa Valley to meet and help educate attendees about the influencer industry. Read more about My Style Vita here.


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    January 18, 2019

    We were gifted some packing cubes for Christmas! Excited to try them now! Look forward to connecting in Napa!