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Any day now (if not already), I’m going to be a new mom. Ah. Just saying that out loud is a bit crazy. Nine months of preparing for this and I still don’t feel ready – shouldn’t it be longer!?!? But as my dear husband pointed out, maybe all the waiting is making me overthink all the things. He is totally right.


I’ve been spending much of my time trying to schedule content ahead, make sure we have all the things the internet says we need for a baby (which can get a little overwhelming if you are me), learn more about the birthing process (although that part still scares me), and pack my hospital bag, but I also realized I need to get some basics in order for the house—like making sure we have toilet paper and easy food in the house. I know my mother will be over helping us keep our fridge stocked because she is the best, and I’ve also got wonderful friends who will make a meal train for us (bless them!), but I can’t expect people to just show up for weeks (months!) to feed us all three of our meals 😉

I had been seeing the new Del Monte® Fruit & OatsTM at my local grocery store for awhile now whenever I walk through the fruit snack aisle and was always intrigued. I finally got around to trying them out and just in time! I picked out several more to stock my pantry for when baby comes because they are not only delicious but so simple! In addition to Del Monte Fruit & Oats, I also picked up Del Monte® Fruit & Chia™(provides a whole serving of fruit,* fiber, & 800mg of Omega-3s) & Del Monte® Fruit Refreshers®(which is pretty much just a fruit cup for grown-ups!).

Del Monte Fruit & Oats are the first ready-to-eat oatmeal with one full serving of fruit* and 20g of whole grains per serving! And when I say ready to eat, I mean you just open up the package and eat it! This is not only convenient for a new mama like me who needs to make sure that she is also eating but for anyone! You can take your breakfast on the go, fast and easy, while starting your day wholesome and delicious! Eating a good breakfast is key to kicking off your day and making your morning happier. That’s why I’ve been loving Del Monte Fruit & Oats for a happy start to my day!

I have actually been keeping mine in the fridge because I like them cold on these hot mornings but the other day, after some storms came through, the morning was chilly so I heated it up! It was just as wonderful! Hot or cold, these instant breakfasts hit the spot! Save $0.75 on a one-pack of Del Monte Fruit & Oats Cups by using this coupon in-store to buy the NEW Del Monte Fruit & Oats cups!

I’m writing this all before I have our little girl in my hands but we’re just days away from that moment. I know the days will be beautiful, new, long, different, exhausting, and magical. I can plan, plan, plan as much as I want, but I still have no idea how everything will work out! And there is beauty in that. I also know that I’ve got a stock of Del Monte Fruit Cups in my pantry so even if I have no time to cook, I’ll still be able to eat! Haha!

*Each container has 1 serving (1/2 cup) of fruit per USDA Nutrient Data

This post was created by Elizabeth Mayberry of Oak and Oats. 

August 2, 2018